5. Processors

5.1. What are they?

The Processors works at the end of the process, when you have recovered and parsing all elements. Some uses of the processors may be limiting the number of items, sort by date or sanitize HTML.

5.2. Add it to FastFeed

The Processors should be added to FastFeed follows.

use FastFeed\Processor\SanitizerProcessor;

$fastFeed->pushProcessor(new SanitizerProcessor());

5.3. Processors available

Currently we have these Processors available.

  • FastFeedProcessorImageProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorImagesProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorLimitProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorPathProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorRemoveStylesProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorSanitizerProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorSortByDateProcessor
  • FastFeedProcessorStripTagsProcessor

5.4. Create custom Processors

Take a look to SortByDateProcessor.

Send us a PR with your Processor!

5.5. Continue reading

Caching results

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