4. Aggregators

4.1. What are they?

The Aggregators resemble to Parsers, but they responsibility is add extra information. RSSParser is the responsible to create the items from a feed rss, but the RSSContentAggregator is the responsible to modify the items if the feed has the specification http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/content/

4.2. Add it to Parsers

The Aggregators should be added to a Parser as follows.

use FastFeed\Parser\RSSParser;
use FastFeed\Aggregator\RSSContentAggregator;

$parser = new RSSParser();
$parser->pushAggregator(new RSSContentAggregator());

4.3. Aggregators available

Currently we have these Aggregators available.

  • FastFeedAggregatorRSSContentAggregator;

4.4. Create custom Aggregators

Take a look to RSSContentAggregator

Send us a PR with your Processor!

4.5. Continue reading


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