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FastFeed is a library that allows you to consume “feeds” atom or rss to be used in your applications.

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  • Consume any number of channels grouped by feeds.
  • Extends FastFeed easily to support new formats or retrieve information added by other specifications
  • Recover ordering information according to your preferences.
  • Modular and extensible.

Easy to use

FastFeed is easy to use.

use FastFeed\Factory;

$fastFeed = Factory::create();
$fastFeed->addFeed('default', '');
$items = $fastFeed->fetch('default');

Highly customizable

You have a lot of options, read the docs for Parser, Aggregators and Processors. You have the perfect tool to manipulate all kinds of feeds.

Great documentation

We have a great documentation made with love.

Third party

We are working with various platforms to provide easier integration.


You can contact with me on @twitter.


Not ready yet :(

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